We started with a pet Dogue of our own about 15 years ago and fell in love with the breed. We started this website to display puppies to prospective buyers, we don't own many dogs and rarely breed but hopefully this website can answer some of your questions. We are happy to help in anyway we can, to tell you more about dogues or another breed, find a pup for you or put you in contact with a breeder in your area.

Sorry we don't breed by request.

We are happy to keep the details of anybody interested in future puppies but we are not a puppy farm and will not be pressured into breeding dogs by request. Thanks 

Its a big commitment

Please consider your immediate future and finances. Buying a dog is making a commitment to provide for it for its entire life. We wish for all the dogs have a long and healthy life filled with love.  

Entrance to the farm and driveway paddock.



All our dogs live at our own residence and surrounded by our farm land. They love a run around the paddocks and especially enjoy a swim in the creek or dam.


We have multiple fences and can create a 'pupping' yard for bitches to have some time out before birth and some security and solitude after birthing. Its puppy safe, hygienic and fully equipped with whelping box and heating.


We love our dogs and were sure you will too. Farm visits are welcome by appointment.

We have kept dogs throughout our lives and we have a history of successful breeding. Should you have any questions we are more than happy to help you out. Be it general dog raising, feeding,  socialising and/or problem solving or Dogue specific questions - please ask.

If you have an urgent and / or serious health or safety enquiry please contact a vet or professional, they really do have the best and most up to date knowledge.

We own a small family run farm in South-east Queensland, breeding livestock. Its an old fashioned lifestyle with freedom to run and swim and a stable home to lay you head.


advise and aid